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bethaboo09 says:

ive read some reviews and im scared the cleanse will make me have to poop all the time. can anyone tell me if they had this symptom?


  1. Dec 2, 2009

    SMOOTHY00 says:

    Not in your pants. You will have time to go find a restroom. It's like coffee b/c it'll make you go 5-10 minutes after drinking it & WHERE will you be, at home right? It won't embarrass you in public like alli does. you'll be okay. =D~Tara

  2. Dec 2, 2009

    chiks says:

    Not me, I went to the bathroom as normal. It is a gentle cleanse and does the job, don't be scared, no one i know on here had bathroom problems. Relax and let the cleanse do it's thing. You will be fine. :)

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